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Thread: Naked Red Rover!!!

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    Default Naked Red Rover!!!

    Red Rever Red Rover send Kinderkitti right over.

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    My philosophy of life is everyone shall do as they please as long as it doesn't harm others or the earth. Personally, my nakedness will remain under clothing and yall will be glad i made this choice. Now if anyone else wants to get nekkid, do it, dahlin. RedRover, red rover, send Robert Randolph right over!!!!
    RB, that's not you messin with me, is it?

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    KITTI, You should get naked too. I do not know you but I promice I will not judge you. When others see you as you truly are you will have nothing to hide or cover. Then you will receive true acceptance. When you receive true acceptance you will be filled with love and joy :P !! when this happens you like others may cry but it is a cry of joy and oneness. Think about it \"once in a while you get shown the the strangest of places if you look at it right\"

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    Red Rove Red Rover send FestvlGrl right over.

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